The Best Transcription Agencies to Work at 2021

published on 09 June 2021

The 3 Best Transcription Agencies/Jobs in 2021

Transcription is becoming more and more competitive. If you want to earn the most amount of money as a professional remote transcriber then you need to be working for the best transcription agencies that have the best jobs and rates.

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If you’re looking for a job as an online or remote transcriber then finding the right agency to start with should be your number one concern. Which agency you work for will decide what transcription jobs you get, your working hours, and how much you get paid for each job.

There are plenty of transcription agencies out there. Each with its own pros, cons, benefits, and drawbacks which will suit one type of transcriber over another.

In this article, we will break down each of the 3 best transcription agencies you can work for, how to get started, why you’d want to work for them, why you wouldn’t, and who we most recommend.

If you want to start working from home as an online transcriber or as a worldwide travelling remote transcriber, we have the perfect agency to get you started…

#1 Rev Transcription Job Review


Rev is a giant player in the transcription world, with the highest number of freelance transcribers working under them. 50,000 freelancers work at Rev with no minimum hours, a high pay rate, and a lifelong career that they can work from home 24/7.

Rev has been in the transcription game for over 10 years and they have definitely proven their worth, with countless 5-star reviews from both clients and remote transcription freelancers.

Rev is exceedingly strict with errors for their manual transcribers. Meaning, they are probably more suited to experienced and professional transcribers. However, anyone can apply. Just remember they leave no room for errors.

How to get started transcribing for Rev

Rev’s application process is a standard procedure as far as transcription applications go. The usual procedure of a written text/online exam and a sample piece of work is the most common way to test a new transcriber — which is what Rev also does.

This is a very common practice, some freelancing clients will even ask you to complete sample work before getting started. So, do not be alarmed if they ask for a few minutes of transcription sample work!

All transcription agencies require you to take some sort of test similar to this. However, Rev has been suspected to be slightly harder and harsher when it comes to errors, grammar, and general English skills.

Luckily they give you a PowerPoint to read over beforehand that details what they expect of you, how to correct the grammar in a transcript, what you should and shouldn’t change, and everything else you need to know.

The online exam and sample piece of work should only take a few hours maximum to complete. After you have submitted your sample piece you will hear back from Rev in the next 7–10 days.

The majority of reviews from freelancers claim that this process is relatively simple and easy to follow, even with it all being completely automated. You don’t speak to a single human the entire time. To know if you have passed or failed the test, an automated email will be delivered to your inbox.

If you would like to apply for a freelancing transcription job at Rev, then you can start applying here.

If you would like to know more about the Rev application process then there is more info on Indeed and Glassdoor from past freelancers who have already been through the process.


Working Environment

Rev prides itself on having absolutely minimal errors for their clients — claiming a 99%+ guaranteed error-free rate. This is amongst the highest of any transcription service.

Every transcript you complete will then also be checked by an experienced transcription checker. Once they have checked over your work they will provide you feedback and explain where you created errors in the transcript.

This is great for career development, but not when you want to make quick money online.

If you continue to make multiple errors then your account will be deactivated by your checker and management team. Reviews left on both Indeed and Glassdoor have shown that the team at Rev will deactivate the transcriber’s accounts without notice and without any explained reason.

The majority of 1-star reviews and poor feedback left on Indeed and Glassdoor about Rev are from past transcribers who either got rejected from the transcription application or those who have had their account deactivated. This is obviously poorly received by the transcribers and thus Rev’s company culture is often frowned upon.

On Glassdoor and Indeed they score an overall 3.8/5. With 81% of freelance transcribers recommending them to a friend, whilst only 70% Approve of the CEO.

In contrast, other agencies such as TranscribeMe and GoTranscript have slightly higher overall scores and recommendation/approval percentages. For example, GoTranscript has a 96% approval rating for their CEO.

You can check out GoTranscript’s quick review here.

We recommend if you go with Rev that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you consistently make transcription errors then they will deactivate your account, leaving you with no work. Therefore, we recommend you also start a freelancing profile, alongside your agency work at Rev. You can get started with a freelancing transcription account here.

If you feel as though you are making too many errors and it is taking you too long to complete transcription work, then we suggest you take a look at Spread. Spread is an AI transcription software you can use to start transcribing with ease.


Rev’s pay ($0.30-$1.10 /minute)
The one you’ve all been waiting for… How much do you earn as a transcriber working for Rev?

Firstly, this isn’t going to be the clean-cut answer you’re looking for. Unfortunately (for some) Rev payment depends on a few factors. These factors can include experience, quality of transcript, number of errors in a transcript, length of transcript/recording, the difficulty of recording/accent, subtitles/translating/captioning also included, your transcribing/correcting speed, etc…

Depending on these factors Rev will pay you anywhere between $0.30 and $1.10 per minute of audio transcribed.

For the beginners out there. This doesn’t mean you get paid up to $1.10 per minute of work, it means you get paid up to $1.10 per minute of audio you transcribe.

For example: If it takes you an hour to transcribe 10 minutes of audio, then you will be paid up to $11.00 for that hour.

10 (minutes of audio) x $1.10 = $11.00

Depending on how fast you can do transcribe whilst maintaining 99% accuracy will be the biggest dictator in how much you get paid. The faster you can do this, the more you can earn (this is where Spread comes in!).

The average transcriber working for Rev earns around $1,500 per month. Which is good money, considering you pick and choose your working hours, where you work, and the work literally falls into your lap with no minimum number of hours required.

However, other transcription agencies such as TranscribeMe report average earnings of $2,200. On the other hand, TranscribeMe doesn’t pay as high as Rev per minute of transcription audio. The reason TranscribeMe transcribers earn higher average earnings is that there are fewer transcribers fighting for the same amount of work.

At TranscribeMe there are only a few thousand freelancers working as transcribers, whereas Rev has over 50,000 freelancers. Even though Rev probably has more clients, there is far more competition.

As a whole Rev pays well if you are a competent transcriber who doesn’t make many errors. If you can transcribe fast with high accuracy you can earn upwards of $2,500 each and every month.


The biggest pro for Rev
Rev is the biggest name in the transcription industry. With a plethora of clients and freelancers all battling down the door to get stuck in, they always have work available for you and understand the transcription industry better than anyone.

With a very very very high pay rate potential ($1.10 per minute for a general transcriber — which reaches much higher for translation and captioning) Rev is a great option for experienced transcribers who can transcribe fast with high accuracy. Your earnings at Rev can be much higher than any other transcription agency.

Due to Rev being so overly strict with transcription errors (which they are known for), finding transcription work after Rev will be a piece of cake. The employers within the transcription industry will see your past work at Rev and know you are more than capable and an experienced high-level transcriber. This is especially good for corporate transcription jobs.

The biggest con for Rev
The worst part about Rev is kind of also one of their pro points. How uptightly strict they are regarding transcription errors.

As a beginner, you are bound to make transcription errors. Even professionals who have done this for years will make countless errors in their time. But you have to manage how many you make, listen to feedback from your checkers, and actively engage and practice to not make any more errors.

If you do create too many transcription errors then your account will be deactivated without notice or much warning — according to these reviews.

This will come as a big blow, especially to new transcribers who are just starting their careers. It may seem harsh, but Rev has to do this to keep their error margins low and their clients happy.

Other transcription agencies such as TranscribeMe offer much better support and even have a whole section on their website dedicated to helping you improve — TranscribeMe’s resources page. They also offer advancement programs and actually want you to succeed in your journey.

Read our quick view TranscribeMe review here.

Rev’s most important stats
Rev’s overall review ranking on Indeed/Glassdoor is 3.8/5

81% of past freelance reviewers recommend working there to a friend

70% of past freelance reviewers approve of the CEO

Rev pays between $0.30 to $1.10 per minute of transcription audio completed. For a captioner, this pay starts at $0.54 and can go up to $1.10 as well.

The average salary for a transcriber at Rev is $1,500 per month.


Rev 2021 Review for Transcribers Conclusion

Rev is a clear 3/5 for a general transcriptionist.
if you’re a beginner who needs reliable work then they will be great, however, you may not earn much as you will take so long due to their strict error rules. If your account is deactivated then please don’t take this in a bad way. There are still plenty of other transcription agencies that would be happy to utilize your services.

If you are an intermediate transcriber then a good idea may be to move onto Rev’s captioner program where the starting pay is slightly higher. Transcriptionist lowest pay is $0.30 and a captioners lowest pay is $0.52 per minute of audio transcription/captioning.

As a professional transcriptionist, you have the potential to earn a lot with Rev — especially if you don’t make many errors. Their pay rate is incredibly high, you can even each the higher end of $1.10 per audio minute.

Rev is a great place to work as an online or remote transcriptionist who wants to earn a good wage and make little to no errors. If you want to speed up your transcription time, detect errors using AI, and create content from your transcripts then check out Spread. It’s the only way to increase your average transcription earnings…

Other online and remote transcription agency reviews:

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(Quick overview) TranscribeMe Transcription Agency Review

#2 GoTranscript Transcription Job Review

GoTranscript is another large transcription agency with a lot to offer, especially for beginner online transcribers. With job opportunities ranging from transcription/translation to verbatim, there is a lot of potential for growth within GoTranscript for your professional career and your earnings.

GoTranscript prides itself on it’s incredible working environments, management, and workforce who are happy and dedicated to transcribe and earn money 24/7 as they always have plenty of work available. Their management team and CEO are true leaders who embody the company culture. For instance, past reviews from ex-freelancers working at GoTranscript gave the CEO an approval rating of 96%.

GoTranscripts culture is built around the growth of you as an individual. They pride themselves on low transcription errors, high accuracy, and efficient transcribers who do their best work. They will make you an excellent transcriber.


How to get started transcribing for GoTranscript
Before we dive in, let us tell you that GoTranscript’s culture is shown from the very beginning. GoTranscript has an array of resources, blogs, and tools you can use to improve your transcription quality and speed. These incredible resources are available to anyone and everyone, even before you sign up to become a freelancer for them.

Some of their resources include:

1. A practice jobs board. The practice job boards is a list of audio-bites and pre-transcribed pieces that you can use to practice transcription or editing jobs with.

This is really useful for anyone who has never transcribed or edited a piece of transcription before. It will help you to understand what is expected of you as a full-time transcriber, your accuracy level, and what to do with certain transcription scenarios.

2. Transcription guidelines. The transcription guidelines that GoTranscript provides are the most complete and comprehensive guidelines out there. Especially when it comes to verbatim. This is all the information you will ever have to know about transcription (if not more!)

If you also have any questions you are always able to message the support via a few methods, such as skype, twitter, or even email.

3. Blog posts. GoTranscript has a range of blog posts that are a great read to get started with. We have linked you to the ‘transcription’ section of their blog but other categories such as translation, captions, and even SEO are available to read.

The blog is generally geared to clients for marketing purposes but you can pick up some great information in them. Especially ones about the future of transcription, accents, and the best ‘how-to’ transcription guides out there…

4. Sample transcriptions. Nothing will make your transcription career start faster than checking out sample pieces of work that you can view across the audio in real-time. GoTranscript provides both the audio and the actual transcription generation, in all formats. Including general transcription, verbatim, clean verbatim, and verbatim with timestamps.

You should study these before applying for a good few minutes to understand what is expected of you from your transcription jobs.

To get another headstart in your transcription career you can also use Spread.

— -

Now you’ve had a look at a few of these practice resources, let’s show you how you can actually apply to become a full-time transcriber at GoTranscript!

Firstly, go to their transcription jobs page where you will be given a brief overview of how much you will earn with GoTranscript, average earnings per month, top monthly earnings, what you will need to get started, equipment required, what you will need to apply (e.g face photo during registration), and more benefits explained such as your working hour choices, payment provider, etc…

After you have scanned over this you can then apply for a job at GoTranscript which will take you to a ‘sign up’ screen asking for a few quick details, such as your name and email.

Once you have signed up you will be given the standard procedure for any online transcriber. An online grammar/English test and a sample piece of transcription work to complete. After completing and submitting this work to GoTranscript (which is usually very easy), a reviewer will come back to you within a week providing feedback and announce if you have been accepted into the transcription team at GoTranscript.

From there you will be directed on what to do and we wish you good luck!


Working Environment

GoTranscript has the most amount of positive reviews on both their Indeed and Glassdoor profiles than any other transcription agency on this list.

GoTranscript ensures from the very start you know what is expected of you as a transcriber. Before you even apply you are greeted with guidelines and sample pieces of work that go into very strong detail with many examples for nearly every transcription scenario.

Knowing where you stand and what is expected of you as a beginner online transcriber is crucial to your success and happiness in your new career. Many other transcription agencies don’t give you this much information, samples, and guidelines to help you. Transcription agencies like Rev, more or so let you loose on the job, until you mess up enough and your account is deactivated…

GoTranscript ensures from the very start that you understand what is required of you and how to perform your job to the best of your abilities through all the tools and information they immediately provide.

GoTranscript is very strict about its error rate, so if you make too many errors consistently then management may have to let you go from the transcription team. The managers and CEO know this is harsh and also the last thing they honestly want to do. But they have to ensure a 99%+ error-free transcription rate for their clients — or else they go out of business and everyone working for GoTranscript loses their job.

On Glassdoor the CEO is rated extremely high. Peter Trebek is the CEO and has a 96% approval rating. Not only is this extremely high for a transcription agency (which are typically notorious for low scores), this is beyond high for any company.

76% of previous/current employees would also recommend GoTranscript to a friend. This is also rather high — especially for a transcription job agency.

The majority of positive reviews point to GoTranscripts Laissez-faire approach to managing transcribers time whilst also being very strict on ensuring you are paid on time in full. In 33 of the reviews employees mentioned how transcription editors/markers would take a long time to complete the submitted transcription, leading to elongated payment periods.


Pay (avg. $0.60/min)

This is what you’ve truly been waiting for… How much do you earn as a transcriber for GoTranscript? ( Full-time remote transcription job pay)

GoTranscript claims (in their FAQ section) that the average pay for a transcriber is $0.60 per minute of audio transcribed.

Again for the beginner transcriber out there, this means that for every minute of audio transcribed the pay will be $0.60. Not that every minute of work is $0.60.

Depending on how fast you can transcribe with a 99% accuracy will ultimately depend on your overall earnings. The top earnings for a transcriber within GoTranscript are $1215 per month which is paid via Paypal on a weekly basis (every Friday).

However, the average earnings for a part-time transcriber are $150 per month. Which isn’t bad if you treat transcription as a part-time job or a side hustle. Considering as a part-time transcriber all the work falls on your lap, you pick your working hours, and where you want to work It is a very viable job. As opposed to complete freelance transcribers who most likely have to actively search for transcription jobs.


GoTranscript’s biggest pro
The best thing about GoTranscript is how they make for a perfect introductory transcription job agency to any new remote or online transcriber wishing to enter the space.

3 things make GoTranscript ideal for a new transcriber’s first job.

1. Management and CEO highly approved
2. Sample and guidelines resources
3. No minimum hours and online editor

These 3 things allow new transcribers to ease into the work without friction. Making GoTranscript rather ideal for any new transcriber.


GoTranscript’s biggest con
The worst thing about GoTranscript is the lack of progressional pay for a general transcriber.

Yes, if you are a new transcriber you will probably earn more with GoTranscript than Rev, but eventually working at Rev and becoming more experienced you would be able to earn more.

GoTranscript’s pay doesn’t reach much higher than $0.60 for a general transcriber, whereas the pay for Rev can reach up to $1.10 for a transcription job.

GoTranscript is therefore again ideal for a transcriber looking for their first job, but not an expert.


GoTranscript’s most important stats

GoTrancripts overall review score on Glassdoor is 4/5

96% of freelancers approve of the CEO

70% recommend GoTranscript to a friend

GoTranscripts average pay is $0.60 per a minute of audio transcription for a transcription job

GoTranscripts highest earner earns $1215 per month and the average transcriber earns $150 per month (this number flucatuates based on the number of transcription jobs completed, transcription quality, speed, and much more).


GoTranscription Transcription Job Review Conclusion

GoTranscript is a 4/5 for a part-time remote online transcriber. 
GoTranscript is ideal for a first time transcriber who is new to the scene. Someone who needs a lot of support, resources, and training but is a quick learner.

GoTranscript provides a healthy working environment with plenty of resources and tools to get you earning more and more with them.

They are also strict with their error transcript rate (similar to Rev), but are much less likely to deactivate your account for your errors in comparison.

The CEO and management team seem to be very open and are looked up to by the transcription team.

However, if you are an expert transcriber, you may want to look into other transcription agencies that have more to offer in terms of pay (for experienced transcribers).

Such as:

(Overview) Rev transcription agency review 2021

Or Freelancing may even be your calling?

#3 TranscribeMe Transcription Job Review 2021

TranscribeMe is another long-standing transcription job/agency that is ideal for part-time (experienced) transcribers who are looking for reliable workloads without the competition in a safe working environment.

TranscribeMe rates may be on the lower side per an audio minute transcribed, but their overall earnings are sky-high. (One of the highest at $2,200 for their top transcribers per month).

TranscribeMe believes in working with you to maximise your career and make you the best transcriber possible. They have a ‘grow and learn’ policy where they hire and promote the transcribers within their company above anybody else.

TranscribeMe also provides expert training with their ‘initiative program’ which officially makes them a leading work-from-home employer.

If you are a part-time remote transcriber looking for a home as a transcriber, then TranscribeMe may be for you…

How to get started Transcribing for TranscribeMe

Before you dive into the application process TranscribeMe has provided a range of resources, information, FAQ, and more for you to scan over and understand to give you the best chances of being accepted as a transcriber.

The resources are mainly articles that cover a broad range of subjects. Each subject is broken down into another sub-set for your viewing ease. They contain the following:

Application Requirements:
TranscribeMe 101
Registration Prerequisites
Is there an age limit?
Which countries do you hire from?
Is photo ID required?
Does TM provide a training program?
Is there a required typing speed?
Do I need prior experience to join?

Required Equipment:
Can I transcribe from my phone?
Can I use a foot pedal?
Can I use a screen reader?

English Entrance Exam:
Style Guide and English Entrance Exam Instructions
Do I have a set amount of time to take the exam after registering?
Does TM provide a training program?
How long does the exam take?
Can I save the exam to finish later?
How many times can I take the exam?
Can I go back to a previous question/section of the exam?
Do you have a practice exam?
I passed the exam! When will I be activated?
Entrance Exam says “not available”?

These documents/articles will have everything you need to know about the TranscribeMe application process. Scan over the ones you’re most curious about and then you can start your application here.

As reported by multiple reviews left on Glassdoor and Indeed, there are three sections of the application process. The first section is a simple question-based test which is usually very short and easy. The second section is a 15-minute audio piece(s) that you have to transcribe accurately with over 97% accuracy. The third section is a questionnaire 10 questions long on the guidelines (which you can refer back to). This section needs to be completed with 100% accuracy.

TranscribeMe have so many transcribers wanting to work for them that they actually have to reject a lot of applications. Sadly if your transcription sample score isn’t above 97% then the likelihood of you getting a placement right now isn’t feasible. Luckily you can use the style guidelines and all of their resources to ensure you reach 100% accuracy.

After submitting the audio samples and the questions you are then required to wait (around 1 day) for someone at Transcribeme to get back to you. When they do they will tell you your scores and if you passed/failed.

We wish you the best of luck for this application process, as out of any of the transcription agencies TranscribeMe has been reported to be the hardest. Absolute perfection needs to be scored — hence why we recommend transcribers who are looking for part-time transcription work from home jobs that already have a handful of experience work here.

If you are comfortable becoming a complete freelancer, then this may be a better-suited option for you.


Working Environment

TranscribeMe has some relatively high reviews, especially ‘approval of CEO’ which is the second-highest on this list (at time of writing).

88% of freelance reviewers approve of the CEO and 65% of the reviewers would recommend working at TranscribeMe. In the transcription world, these are high approval ratings.

The overall rating on Glassdoor from ex-transcribers is 3.7/5. This is 0.1 less than Rev, and 0.3 less than GoTranscript. Showing their company culture isn’t the best but they're not far off at all.

We believe the overwhelming majority of low scores may be transcribers who got rejected from their transcription program, and thus took their anger out in the reviews. We couldn’t find many bad reviews from transcribers who actually work there. The majority we’re from transcribers who didn’t make it onboard. So please take these scores with a grain of salt.

You can use their resources and guides to help you through the application process and also in your day to day working practice. Having these on hand guides will really help you to understand what TranscribeMe are looking for in your daily transcription work. It can also be used as a safety net in case you forget something, or if you need to scan over your work for errors before you finally submit it.

Overall we believe that TranscribeMe offers an enjoyable and progressive environment ideal for a part-time transcriber who has experience but wants to progress even further. TranscribeMe has a great support and working hub that provide resources and promotions to make your transcription career the best it can be!


TranscribeMe pay rates 2021

TranscribeMe’s rates aren’t the highest at all. We’re not going to kid you here. But, their top transcribers do earn a lot of money (just as much as Rev’s top earners).

Per an hour of audio transcribed, TranscribeMe will pay you between $15 — $22. Per a minute this works out to be $0.25 — $0.36. Which is a lot lower than the other transcription agencies on this list (hence why TranscribeMe are much lower down).

However, their top earners bring in around $2,200 per month. Which is actually one of the highest out of all the transcription agencies. We thought this might just be a one-off claim, but the average transcriber earnings at TranscribeMe are also higher than at GoTranscript.

TranscribeMe average earnings are $250 per month, whereas GoTranscript average earnings are $150 per month.

We believe the average earnings at TranscribeMe are higher (despite their low pay rate) due to TranscribeMe only accepting a small percentage of applicants who are most experienced. Therefore these few transcribers have an average higher earnings than GoTranscript.

However, if you are an experienced transcriber, then Rev or GoTranscript may be a better option to earn higher with.


TranscribeMe’s biggest pro

TranscribeMe’s resource base is ideal for a new transcriber to use to dip their toes into transcription and learn all of the basic fundamentals so they can complete any job.

TranscribeMe also allows their transcribers to pick and choose a lot. Such as their time, minimum work hours, and even the length of the audio recordings they complete. Most agencies have recordings that are 60+ minutes long, which seems overly daunting as a new transcriber. Luckily for you, TranscribeMe has an array of 5-minute audio clips you can start with enabling you to start transcribing without taking on the worlds biggest audio piece…

Their built-in intuitive program and ‘grown and learn’ policy is perfect for a semi-experienced transcriber to come in and shoot their career forward faster and higher than ever before. If you really want to develop the skills to progress your career then TranscribeMe claims to be the ones who will help you the most.


TranscribeMe’s biggest con

The worst thing about working for TranscribeMe is simply their pay rate. It is so low relative to other transcription agencies, especially considering how highly experienced and skilled in transcription you have to be to even get into the agency itself.

The pay of $15 — $22 per hour is extremely low. However, this may be more than sufficient for a part-time transcriber with little time and expenses.


TranscribeMe Review Concluded 2021

TranscribeMe is a 3/5 for general transcribers.

However, they are a 5/5 for a part-time experienced transcriber looking to make some extra money and progress their career to the max.

TranscribeMe has a great culture and is truly for you. They want the best from and for you.

However, if the low pay has put you off then these transcription agencies may have some better jobs for you:

(Quick) Rev Transcription Agency Review 2021
(Quick) GoTranscript Transcription Agency Review 2021


I am very happy that this article was so informative that you read to the very last sentence. I want you to leave knowing that the information you have just read was genuine and created by the founder of Transcription-Jobs ( Louis).

All sources and inspiration are stated below each paragraph, please check out every credible source you wish to.

If you want to get started with Spread then click here to open your account with your first 60 minutes free!

I’ll see you again soon.

- Louis (founder of Spread and TranscriptionJobs)

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