What Best Suits You?

Find Transcription work based on your individual needs and priorities:

<a href="https://storyset.com/work">Illustration by Freepik Storyset</a> <a href="https://storyset.com/work">Illustration by Freepik Storyset</a>


Agencies are dedicated transcription companies that rely on freelance transcribers to work for their clients. Reliable work, pay, and more benefits.

As a beginner transcriber, agency workers will be your best bet to be paid well, gain experience, and advance your career.

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Freelance transcribers enjoy the freedom and complete ownership of their work. We will show you the best places to open your profile up.

Freelancing sites are great for professional transcribers with an entrepreneurial spirit to sell their services on an individual basis.

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9-5 Transcription jobs are always lurking somewhere, we will show you exactly where to find these and the best-paying ones.

Corporate transcription placements are usually only available to transcribers with vast experience, especially in the medical field.

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What are the differences?

Transcription work can vary massively depending on where you work.

Some working environments will obviously suit others much more. For example, if you are a very freedom-orientated person who doesn't like a boss, then the freelancing and agencies route is probably for you.

Let's dive into it:

Agencies (for example Rev.com) are giant agencies devoted to creating transcriptions for a wide range of clients. They offer both manual and automated transcriptions to their clients. When a client requests a manual transcription is where you come in...

Rev recruits thousands of transcription freelancers such as yourself to transcribe this content for their clients. They pay you a percentage of what the client has paid them.

Depending on the agency you can usually pick your work hours and time. With an agency such as Rev you can work as little or as much as you want.

Agencies are the best way to get guaranteed work over and over again. The biggest downfall to agency work is the lack of profit margin per the work you do.

Freelancing is usually a little harder but more rewarding than agencies. You can freelance for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Some of the best freelancing sites are UpWork and Fiver to be within instant access of anyone after a transcriber. You can then connect to these people and start working together on your terms.

Be warned that most freelancing sites take a % of your pay. This is usually around 10-20%

9-5 Transcription jobs will most likely be in a giant company that creates a lot of in-house content. Either for marketing materials or for business reasons.

Marketing material such as transcribing video content to transform into blog and social media content.

Business content such as transcribing meetings, interviews, and any other business setting.

Another big one is 'medical transcription' which is a full-time career in the medical field where you transcribe doctors and nurses consultations.

Pay can differ rapidly depending on where you are located, which company you for, what type of transcription (e.g medical pays more), and what your experience level is.

Maximise Your Earnings

No matter which field of transcription you pick you can maximise your earnings by using transcription software to increase accuracy, turnaround time, all whilst giving yourself fewer headaches!

Automated transcription software such as Spread (ideal for full-time transcribers), HappyScribe (ideal for part-time transcribers), and Temi, are all examples of transcription software that can be of great use to you.

You can read Spread's 'Best 15 Transcription Software Platforms in 2021' to get a very detailed overview of your best options.

You can also get started with Spread with your first 60 minutes of automated transcription free here